Legal Coaching Services

Coaching & Advise

Some people choose to represent themselves in Court because there cannot offer the cost of hiring an attorney to represent them in the court proceeding. If you choose self-representation, you should seriously consider hiring a lawyer to help during the process.

What makes us different from other law firms in Quebec is that we also offer hourly coaching and consultation services if you are a self-represented party so you can approach your court proceedings with confidence. For clients that aren’t sure whether they need a lawyer or just a helping hand, give us a call and we’ll walk you through your options.

Our firm understand how important it is for clients to have a legal advisor they can trust and rely on. Whether you are seeking advice prior to living with your partner, separating / divorcing from your spouse, seeking alimony for yourself or your children you will need a lawyer who can guide you through the legal issues and procedures with ease.

Before any court appearance, you should have a plan detailing what you want to present to the court, including what relief you are asking the court to provide. Your arguments must be concise, based in legal principle and truthful. Courts are only interested in facts that are pertinent to your case.

Whether you are preparing for a court hearing or looking for general advice, we can give you the advice and information you need. While you will be handling most of the tasks in your lawsuit, if you hire us to act as a consultant in your case, we can provide you with coaching services before your court appearance, and we advise you as to which position to take, what relief to seek, and how to best present your arguments. While this still costs you money, it won't be anywhere near the amount a lawyer would charge for taking on your case in full.

Affordable Rates & Packages

MCDescollines Avocate / Attorney recognizes the value of their services, but also the financial challenges of maintaining legal representation. We want our clients to get the help they need at a price they feel comfortable with.

Our firm is different from other firms, in that we offer retainers that can be tailored to your specific needs & circumstances by offering flat rate fees. We also accept clients with limited legal aid certificates.