Legal Drafting Services

Legal Drafting Services

When drafting documents relating to their case, often people without experience in legal drafting that represented themselves have a tendency to include unnecessary or inappropriate information in their correspondence or their pleadings, instead of focusing on the facts relevant to the matter at hand. A cleanly written, accurate, and balanced statement of facts supporting your claims will give the judge the best possible view of your position. This will also make to some extent your court appearance easier, because the judge will already be aware of all the relevant information of your case.

Because of the critical importance of the content of the court documents, our office offers a service of document drafting for people who are having difficulty drafting court documents and need an attorney to either review their work, or help them complete the required documents.

Hiring an attorney to help with this process can eliminate potential errors in the paperwork, and highlight issues that you may be missing. A lawyer will know what facts best support your claim, and will ensure all important and relevant information is included, in order to support your argument to the best of your ability. A lawyer will also be able to refer you to the relevant case law that best supports your position.

Example Of Legal Documents

  • Separation Agreement
  • Child Custody
  • Child and spousal support
  • Adoptions
  • Divorce Applications
  • Property divisions
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • And more

Important Statement

If you retain us on a limited retainer basis, we can advise you on what position to take or how to argue a point. Conversely, if we do not draft, review and approve the communication, we cannot be held responsible for it, or for what you ultimately communicate to the court or the other party.