Mrs Descollines provides quality and affordable legal representation in divorce, separation, and custody disputes. Our goal is to help you understand the laws, your legal options, the advantages and disadvantages of your choices, and how to move forward in a cost-effective way

Because of our focus and determination we have the skill, knowledge, and ability to benefit our clients with fair representation throughout the difficult periods ahead of them.

family law


  • Divorce, separation and annulment of marriage (assessment and division of matrimonial property, matrimonial and pension)
  • Drafting of consent agreements (divorce or separation)
  • Child custody and access
  • Adoption
  • Spouse Alimony
  • Representation of children in court
  • Request confirmation of parental authority
  • Paternity Disputes (DNA)
  • Request for change of corollary relief, custody, spousal alimony and / or child support
  • Representation of children before the courts
  • Representation of common law spouses
  • Estate litigation; proceedings to set aside wills, replace liquidators or trustees; amend trust deeds; terminate trusts; for the passing of accounts; and declaratory judgements.
  • Private international law (relocation children, foreign matrimonial regimes, settlement of foreign estates)

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