Immigration law

The migration of people to other horizons has increased in recent years. Canada is among one of the best places to live. Canada got this special place because of the following features:

  • A good quality of life
  • A high life expectancy
  • The cost of living is affordable
  • Public services are developed and accessible
  • A stable political system
  • A safe environment
  • Multicultural Society and multilingual
  • A land of opportunities for business people
  • Finally, Canada has a system of health care that is the envy of the world.

Whether you want to immigrate to Quebec or Canadian soil, invite and sponsor a family member, or obtain a visa to study or work, we will ease your efforts greatly by explaining the requirements that you must meet for a temporary or permanent residency in Quebec or Canada. We will guide you through the application process for permanent residency, a sponsoring a work visa or study, and will provide information on the rights you can exercise in case of refusal or undue delay.

We can also lend a hand to individuals who have lost a citizen or permanent resident who have had their passports revoked or face expulsion.

Whatever the reason that brings you to immigrate to Canada, whether for personal, economic or social, our mission is to assist you and represent you through the process to the best of our abilities, respecting and complying to the legal rules and procedures.


Temporary resident visa

  • Study permit;
  • Work permit (Canadian, American)
  • Requests for visitor’s visa

Application for permanent residence

  • Business people (Canada, Quebec)
  • Immigrant investors program
  • Entrepreneurs program
  • Self-employed persons program
  • Skilled workers (Canada, Quebec)
  • Requests for family sponsorship (husband and other family members)
  • Vunerable persons (humanitarian and compassionate considerations)
  • Change requests conditions for temporary stay in Canada (including renewals visitor visa)
  • Renewal of permanent residence cards
  • Application for canadian citizenship


  • Applications for a Quebec Selection Certificate in the Investors, Entrepreneurs and Self-employed categories
  • Applications for a Quebec Certificate of Selection in the Quebec Skilled Worker category
  • Requests for comparative assessment of studies conducted outside Quebec
  • Job Offer Validation Requests
  • Requests for administrative review
  • Preparation of interviews

Other services related to immigration to Canada

  • Requests for Pardons
  • Obtaining various court records

Immigration to the United States

  • Requests for “Waiver”

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