Since January, 2015 the ceiling of the jurisdiction of the Small Claims Division of the Court of Quebec has been raised to a maximum of $ 15,000, 00. Therefore, it is possible for individuals whose claims are over $ 15,000, 00 to voluntarily reduce their claim to that amount. By this strategic choice, so it is possible to avoid that the opposing party, sometimes financially more stronger, to retain his own lawyer.

In general,when cases are heard before the Small Claims Court, neither party is represented by a lawyer. They must either represent themselves or they may mandate an employee or someone else to represent them, so long as this is not a lawyer.

However, even if lawyers cannot intervene directly in this type of case, both parties are still entitled to retain the services of a legal professional for assistance in preparing the case. However, the party before the Small Claims Court is not allowed to have the lawyer actually try the case on his behalf.

The judicial system follows the rules of procedure and evidence which may seem complex at first sight for an individual who never set foot in a courtroom. The support and advice of a legal professional can be the key between a mounted folder that will convince a judge and a record with significant gaps which will be doomed to failure.


  • Legal advice
  • Drafting demand letter
  • Prepare Small Claims application and response form
  • Quantify and Qualify damages
  • Prepare statement of defence and counterclaim
  • Help preparing personal testimony and your witness testimony
  • Help prepare for cross-examination
  • Review file
  • Doing legal research

We agree to be paid for these services at a flat rate, based on the complexity of the case.

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