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Private International Law

Mrs. Descollines, LL.M. acts in matters of extraterritorial conflicts, more particularly regarding matters about applicable legislations for family rights/common law.

She is preciously helpful concerning all the following aspects:

  • Divorce;
  • International abduction and illegal removal of children to a foreign country;
  • Experience in matters of multi-jurisdictional conflicts;
  • Child custody;
  • Alimony/child support (children and/or spouse);
  • Foreign matrimonial regime;
  • Foreign succession/inheritance settlement;
  • Separation.

She advises her clients about questions related to the authority of foreign courts of law and to the applicable legislations in complex conflictual situations that may involve more than one jurisdiction. Mrs. Descollines LL.M also advises her customers on the authority of Quebec Courts of law regarding a dispute.

Files involving interprovincial and international rights are often very complex.  Clients need to have access to highly skilled lawyers to take care of cases involving foreign law conflicts, jurisdiction challenges, international child custody and/or abduction. To answer all your question in matters of extra-territorial issues/conflicts and the application/enforcement of international conventions (the Hague Convention) . Mrs Decollines, LL.M. is a graduate student from Sherbrooke University in Common Law and Transnational/International Law (JURI- DOCTOR.)  Actually, this is one of the reasons she should be your first choice; not mentioning the fact when you will be confronted to such situations, she will always tell you things as they are all along the legal process and efficiently resolve any dispute in your case, either through negotiation or through Court representations.

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